When he discovers the wicked reality they’ve hidden from him, how will he outrun pure evil?

Victor doesn’t remember much. He knows he signed a contract to compete for cash twice a day as a Runner in a virtual world, but the troubled amnesiac has no idea why he needs the money. And forced to deal with increasingly difficult obstacles set forth by his Player, he fears whatever desperation caused him to sign up may never be solved.

Vowing to hunt down the truth behind his erased mind, Victor teams with another Runner to get to the bottom of the mystery. But when he learns his Player is out to kill him, escaping certain death may mean sacrificing his soul…

Can he leave danger in the dust and still sprint to safety?

RUNNERS: Sins and Lovers is the first book in the fantastical Tales From the Runners' Syndicate science fiction series. If you like cyber-horror worlds, screaming-fast action, and earth-shattering surprises, you’ll love M. A. Hunt’s pulse-pounding novel.

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M. A. Hunt's debut novel, Runners, is available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback, but download PLAYERS for FREE!

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Not everyone gets out alive - Victor Timm

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