Money is up for grabs, but greed is a sin, and sinning gets you killed.

Beneath New York City’s streets lies the Runners’ Syndicate - Invitation only.
Victor runs for credits in virtual worlds, and life is good. The games intensify, and the days and nights are turned upside down when he realizes someone is out to kill him.

As Victor is lured into greater temptations by the Syndicate’s avatar, it passes judgment on him revealing his future: a fatal destiny beyond his wildest imagining.

No Runner has escaped the Syndicate and, in a bid for freedom, Victor must regain his sense of purpose to defeat the avatar or be destroyed by an ancient evil.

RUNNERS: Sins and Lovers is the first book in the fantastical Tales From the Runners' Syndicate science fiction series. If you like cyber-horror worlds, breathless action, and unearthly surprises, you’ll love M. A. Hunt’s pulse-pounding novel.

Do you have what it takes to become a Runner?

Buy RUNNERS: Sins and Lovers and set your own pace today!

About the author

M. A. Hunt's debut novel, Runners, is available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback, but download PLAYERS for FREE!

What readers are saying

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb
Reviewed in the UK on 26 September 2020
Verified Purchase
This novel successfully crosses genres and I would say it's a must for lovers of sci-fi. It is a fast paced but still very thought-provoking read. I thoroughly enjoyed every word.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing story!
Reviewed in Germany on 7 October 2020
Verified Purchase
The beautifully written complex characters, the fanciful setting, the twists and turns of the story got me so hooked that I read the book in two days. I loved it! Dark and chilling but absolutely brilliant, this book deals with the deepest and most primal emotions and needs of human nature. It is thrilling and touching and a great read!

5.0 out of 5 stars Sexy romp with a strong storyline
Reviewed in UK on 19 November 2021
Verified Purchase
I just couldn’t put this book down. Its unusual storyline and descriptive narrative drew me in and left me wanting more. I really liked the characters, they were so believable in a fantastical setting that has so many possibilities for the books yet to come. It was the sexiness that kept me interested initially, but it’s the storyline that won me over big time and will keep me coming back for more.

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