Victoria in The City
M. A. Hunt

RUNNERS: Sins and Lovers

Runners want money. Players want power. Demons want souls.

Beneath New York City’s streets, the Runners’ Syndicate lures the unwary to run for cash in virtual reality environments, satisfying everyone’s desires.

One month into his contract, Victor falls for fellow Runner, Victoria. He needs money but can’t recall why, and Victoria wants a new life of financial freedom. They support each other through their trials, but people from Victor’s past bring chaos to their harmony.

Capricious Players control the virtual worlds to assist or torment the Runners. Meanwhile, the Syndicate’s imperious avatar presides over every move and offers temptations to lure the Runners into transgressions.

As his life unravels, Victor witnesses the horrifying ordeal of a roommate’s Harvesting. With no obvious means of escape, can he and Victoria outsmart the avatar to avoid the ultimate fate?

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Writer of fantasy fiction.
Introducing the Tales from the Runners' Syndicate